- Hotel with Garden Center
- 1949 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
- 2017 Spring / Individual work

       Pixels + Pensies is a hotel located in the Strip District in Pittsburgh which becomes a busy market place every weekend. Responding to this market area the hotel has a garden center on the ground floor in the form of mat architecture. The rhythm of positive and negative spaces makes this space possible to partially open to the streets and have outdoor garden space in it. 

   On the second floor, it has a ‘glass-box’ hotel lobby in double height. These properties make this unique in-between quality of not only private/public but also indoor/outdoor. The two openings to the ground floor physically and visually imply the connection to not only the public garden center but also the entire site condition outside. 

    Other service areas of the hotel including the hotel rooms exist in a part of the building which is in the form of pixelated boxes and these are surrounding the glass-box hotel lobby. The negative spaces between hotel rooms which are generated from the pixelization become the privet terraces for hotel guests. The project eventually forms the building which has a garden center in natural features on the ground floor and these are growing up to the whole building in the form of the outdoor gardens/terraces on upper floors.