- Conceptual Pavilion
- Piazza San Giovanni, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy
- Spring 2018 / Individual work

      The ‘Thread / Knot’ project was inspired by the physical threads in the thread grid devices which was used as a guide to drawing perspective drawings in the middle ages. With this idea over the project, the theme thread and knot had been understood with not only its history but also a personal interpretation of a perspective view. 

           To set up the context Brunelleschi’s perspective experiment which was conducted in the Florence Baptistery in Early Renaissance period was brought in and the project goal was directed to building a structure that can remind Brunelleschi's perspective in front of the baptistery.   

         Thread had been conceptually representative in lines of structure parts such as thin columns and steel wire and these are built as colonnades or window frames. These structures representing lines of thread were set to be shown in a specific order which proves perspective illusion in each particular spot in the pavilion.

     For example, in the ‘view_1’ position audience recognizes that the colonnade in the middle has a consistent span with each other and the other one on the side has not. However, it is vice versa. In the six spots through the pavilion audience can experience perspective illusion with the Florence Baptistery as a background.

     Each view also has a conceptual ‘knot’ which indicates a point where two experiential dichotomies meet each other. The dichotomies include void/solid, light/shade, parallel/orthogonal, and so on. The audience, in the end, arrives in front of the Gate of Paradise which was well known for its use of perspective lines in the relief drawings on it.