- Fire station with Art Gallery

- 2724 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI

- Spring 2018 / Individual work

     The Truss Bridge Fire Station is a fire department located in Detroit and has an art gallery as a second program. The fire station should support the needs of the fire department and the community in which it is located. It must accommodate extremely diverse functions, including housing, recreation, administration, community, equipment and vehicle storage, equipment, and hazardous material storage. While it is usually only occupied by trained personnel, the facility may also need to accommodate the general public for community education or outreach programs.
    The two primary drivers for facility layout and functional space adjacencies in a fire station are the following: internal response times can be met (time for a firefighter to reach the apparatus and be ready to depart) and separating the diverse and sometimes conflicting functions such as industrial maintenance spaces and residential spaces.

    To resolve those issues two separate spaces are designed on the first floor which will accommodate the facilities for firefighters at day and night respectively and they have the apparatus between them, which enables quick response time for firefighters at any time. One of those located on the left side in a loop shape which has a courtyard in the middle and has two entrances each reads the firefighters the dining room or the decontamination room. This is based on their dining culture and the utility for the circulation after their missions, respectively. 

    The second floor is in a ‘truss bridge’ shape in both ways of function and form. This physically and symbolically connects the two parts of spaces that were separated on the first floor. Its left part is generally occupied by the firefighters for their meeting lectures and other multi-purposes while it has open, flexible space as an art gallery for the public on the right side. These are reconciled with the ‘bridge’ part in the middle which has a large terrace reading the view to downtown Detroit.